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Meet Joseph Alfonso

Your Congressional Nominee

Joseph Alfonso childhood neighborhood

Born to two immigrant parents, I was raised by the worker class and had close ties to union activities in New York City. I also worked in the trades with my father as a handyman and worked part time in fast food to help support my family.

Picture of Joseph Alfonso in uniform during his deployment.

After graduating High School, I chose to serve our country by Joining the United States Marine Corps. There I helped organize infrastructure for multiple bases and helped create action plans for Aid Assistance in East and South-East Asia.

wedding picture of Joseph Alfonso and his wife.

After being stationed in San Diego, I met my wife Leah Alfonso (Plockmeyer), a West Michigan native and fellow Marine; we got married in the summer of 2012.

Once Leah's military contract was completed, we both chose to move back to Michigan. 

Joseph Alfonso working on petitions at an event.

Here in Michigan, I worked as an Electrician, Sales Attendant, and Banker before I realized that I missed working in public service.

I started working for the City of Kentwood in their Inspections Department and continued to work until choosing to run for office.


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‘What the hell are we doing?’: Democrats are letting beatable election-denying Republicans cruise to reelection

October 4, 2022

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